How it works

1. General

Our friendly system help you to get the tips in a few clicks.

Firstly you have to Register a New Account, click here to go to the Registration page.

Secondly get Units to your account, click here to see the Pricing Table.

Now that you have Units you can start using them. Read Below:

2. Unlock Manually

Select the Tip you want to View according to Your Strategy, either by selecting the Game you are interested or by selecting the Tipster you prefer to follow their betting proposals and click on the button shown below. Automatically the Tip will be revealed and you will be able to see the Proposal. Once it is Open 1 Unit will be removed from your Balance.

3. Follow Tipster

Follow the Tipster you prefer and get email and SMS notification every time they add a new tip. (Your account will be charged 1 unit for each tip you will receive).

4. Refund Policy

Tipsters Tip

No refund Policy.

5. Video Tutorial

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